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Orem Youth Baseball 2021 Season



Orem Youth Baseball / Monday Night Lights

COVID-19 Safety Guidelines


Guidelines must be followed by any team and/or individual participating in any OYB or MNL event until further notice.  Coaches/Parents are responsible for communicating and monitoring the guidelines with their players and fans.

  • Social distancing: Individual households must sit at least 6 feet apart from other parties.
  • Bleacher will be off limits for any spectators as we will be utilizing them for players/coaches. Please bring lawn chairs and sit on the grass areas or behind backstops.
  • Healthy participants only: Any players, coaches, or spectators who are sick will not be allowed at games or practices.  Coaches must check players for COVID-19 symptoms prior to games.  Players who have household members with symptoms must stay home from games. All state COVID-19 guidelines apply.
  • Required hand washing: Players required to wash hands or use sanitizer between every inning. Coaches to provide adequate hand sanitizer for every player. Parent/Coach in the dugout spraying down equipment with sanitizer between innings.
  • Clean Dugouts: Coaches will be required to sanitize dugout bench prior to their games.
  • Entry and exit plan: To limit the number of people gathering between games incoming teams cannot enter the complex until the team they are replacing has left. We recommend waiting beyond the outfield fence. Please exit the park in a timely manner following your game.
  • No congregating in groups before or after games.
  • Snack shack will be open but serving out of the south window only until further notice.
  • 6 feet apart: Social distancing rules apply when in lines for the restroom, concessions, and all other times when possible.
  • Please follow signage and roped off areas.
  • End of game lining up to shake hands with the opposing team is not permitted.
  • Washing hands as often as possible required to maintain good hygiene.
  • NO SUNFLOWER SEEDS ALLOWED. We will not be selling them nor will we be allowing them so please help by making sure your kids (and parents) are not bringing them to the park. The risk of seeds being spit around is too great so we all need to make this lifestyle adjustment as we know that seeds and baseball go together.
  • Please try to have your child use their own equipment when possible.
  • Parents – We will do our best to keep the park safe but really need support from the parents to keep their kids as distanced from each other as you can including the siblings that come to watch brother/sister.